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[FIC] magic card

Title: magic card
Author: sbluesnow
Archive: Masterlist
Pairing: Changmin x Kibum, Changmin x Kyuhyun, Kyuhyun x Eunhyuk
Summary: Tonight's the night. The lights are moving, the smell of alcohol is in the air. Two men in black do an exchange. Who is the real man in the end?


It's hot and humid in the club. The music is pumping. The speakers are blaring. The vibrations from the beat is strong. The lights are dimmed and casting glows over the dance floor. The dance floor is crowded with bodies all pressed up against each other and swaying to the music.

"Well, well well. Shim Changmin. Never would have thought you'd come here."

Changmin turned around and came face to face with Cho Kyuhyun.

"Put a sock in it Kyuhyun. Shouldn't you be working?"

"I am." Kyuhyun smirked, mixing a drink in 20 seconds flat and passing it to a pretty girl, smiling at her. The girl blushed and left him a generous tip.

"Flirt." Changmin murmured, taking a seat in front of Kyuhyun at the bar.

"Tight wad."

"Man whore."


Changmin glared at Kyuhyun. He did not just go there.



Kyuhyun's eyes darkened in the dim lighting and challenged Changmin to bring it on.

"Heartless bastard."

Changmin relished the feeling of winning. His words had shocked Kyuhyun. The look on his face was priceless.

"Excuse me? I have more of heart than you!"

"Yet you're not willing to admit that your so called heart loves a certain gummy smiling bartender when he likes you back too." Changmin said in a bored tone, resting his head in the palm of his right hand.

"I do not lo-wait! He likes me???!!"

"I'm pretty sure he loves you."

"Shim Changmin, you better not be lying to me." Kyuhyun growled, grabbing onto the front of Changmin's shirt so hard that the first few buttons came undone. His leather jacket slipped off his shoulders slightly. Their faces were centimetres apart. Usually 2 guys would be uncomfortable with the close proximity and immediately move away from each other. They're best friends, regardless of how they act and what they say to one another. They're used to the other invading their personal space.

"I'm not." Changmin said coolly, staring right back at Kyuhyun.

"Um, Kyuhyun sshi?" A soft voice called out from behind him.

Kyuhyun's head whipped around to face the voice. Changmin hadn't moved but Kyuhyun moving so fast gave him whiplash.

"Yes Eunhyuk sshi?"

Changmin wanted to gag at the sweet voice Kyuhyun had used to call the other man's name out.

"Um, I'm going to take my break now. You can go back to, uh talking to your b-friend." Eunhyuk bowed and walked around the bar.

"Told you I wasn't lying. He likes you."

Kyuhyun's eyes were glued to the other bartender.

"He was going to say boyfriend but he said friend instead. He. Likes. You."

"Really?" Kyuhyun, looked at Changmin with innocent doe-looking eyes.

"Go after him you idiot. He looks like he's going to get jumped by those guys and girls there."

Kyuhyun immediately let go of Changmin and pushed him back. He signalled one of the trainee bartenders to cover for him and ran after Eunhyuk. Changmin smirked and shook his head at his friend. Love makes you act like a fool.

Kyuhyun had run after Eunhyuk and was getting closer to him. He was swarmed with girls trying to get him to make them a drink and guys who wanted to "get to know him better". One guy even dared to wrap his arms around Eunhyuk's waist.

You shouldn't have done that. Kyuhyun's going to throw a hissy fit.

True to his words, Kyuhyun stormed over and threw those hands off Eunhyuk's waist. The guy got pissed and started to swear at Kyuhyun. Kyuhyun didn't say anything but wrap his arms around Eunhyuk and rested his head on his shoulder.

Changmin couldn't hear what he was saying but he was pretty sure Kyuhyun was telling the guy to back off in a quiet voice and ice hard stares. He could see the guy tensing before fighting back to Kyuhyun.

Idiot. You're really asking for it now.

The guy raised his arm and took a swing at Kyuhyun. Kyuhyun caught it easily and stood up straight, one hand still wrapped securely around Eunhyuk's waist. He could see the other guy was in real pain. Kyuhyun had taken his arm and held onto it. To others it would look like Kyuhyun was just holding onto it. It didn't even look like he was holding onto the arm very hard. You'd never think that Kyuhyun was actually pressing down on vital pressure points and making the other guy feel pain through the rest of his body and his arm going numb. The guy backed off and pleaded with Kyuhyun. He let go and pulled Eunhyuk away. The girls were in awe of Kyuhyun and the other guys were raking their eyes all over him. Kyuhyun ignored all the looks and focused on Eunhyuk.

Changmin didn't know what happened after that. Kyuhyun had pulled Eunhyuk into the staff room at the side with the sign "Employees Only" on it.

Sad that his show was now over, Changmin turned around in his seat and leaned against the bar's counter. He looked out onto the dance floor but got blinded by the moving lights. Rubbing his eyes and blinking away the colored spots, Changmin's eyes fell upon a taller than average but not as tall as him male.

His backside was very pretty. He had toned legs. Those black loose jeans did nothing to hide the muscle beneath. He had a very muffiny butt. It made Changmin want to reach out and give it a squeeze just to see if it really was a soft as it looked or if it was as sculpted as his legs. He had a tiny waist for a guy. From broad shoulders slimming down to a narrow waist and a muffiny butt. It's too dark to tell especially when the man was wearing all black but Changmin could have sworn the way the man's shoulder blades were situated, it looked like where wings would be. His hair was jet black and styled perfect. It reached to the back of his neck and just a tiny bit past his shoulders; like a centimetre past it. When he turned around, Changmin inwardly gasped. The man was gorgeous. His body moved so fluidly to the music. For a second Changmin completely forgot about the girl he was dancing with. He wanted to push the girl aside and get to know the angel. If they were a couple, he didn't want to interrupt and if they weren't, he didn't want to cause a scene and have the girl slap him or bitch at him. There's no need for the angel to think he's a total bastard.

"You so like him." A voice came from behind.

Changmin turned his head to the side but kept on looking at the angel from the corner of his eyes.

"Shut up Kyuhyun. Shouldn't you be sucking faces with Eunhyuk sshi? Or were you doing the sucking?"

"Been there. Done that."

"TMI man!"

Kyuhyun chuckled and refilled Changmin's drink. "You're the one that asked."

"You could have done the nice thing and lied!"

"And why would I do that?"

"Right. You're Kyuhyun." Changmin said, nodding and taking a sip of his drink.

"You better be glad I didn't poison that." Kyuhyun hissed.

"You could have but you didn't because then you'd go to jail for murder and be away from your Eunhyuk sshi."

"Be glad that I'm on this side of the counter and not that side, otherwise I'd smack you."

"You sure your lover won't get jealous?"

"Drink your damn drink and continue stripping your new found of affection." Kyuhyun grumbled, going to the other side of the bar, glaring at those hitting on his lover.

"I will." Changmin smiled at Kyuhyun. He's really happy for his friend. Though they do bicker and piss each other off a lot, he's glad that Kyuhyun is happy. That's not to say that Kyuhyun wasn't happy before, it's just now, he has someone who loves him just as much as he loves them back.

His attention went back to the angel on the dance floor.

But the angel was gone. Changmin sat up straighter and tried to look through the crowd for his angel. After 10 minutes of searching and not finding a trace of his angel, Changmin sighed. He turned around in his seat with his back facing the crowd. He stared at his drink in front of him.

His index finger traced the rim of the glass in endless circles. He suddenly didn't feel like being here anymore.

Someone had bumped into his side. He looked up and got caught in those onyx black eyes. They're like the darkness sucking him in. They're dark yet so warm and bright.

"Hey." The angel smiled at him.

"Hey." He smiled back. He swears if anyone asks, he'll say it was out of politeness and not because he's already head over heels in love with the angel. To say the greeting back and not get mad when the other male bumped into him and didn't apologize.

The angel flashed him a smile he was sure had killed a lot of people. It's the kind of smile that could light up all of Europe and they are the world's number one continent who uses the most electricity. It's a killer smile that makes you smile back and fall an extra trillion feet more than you've already have for the man.

"Kim Kibum." The angel raised his glass of dark red wine at him.

"Shim Changmin." He raised his own glass. The drink in his hand was a clear sapphire blue. It's like water and fire in the palm of their hands.

They both shared a sweet smile. Kyuhyun was getting sick of how slow they were going. This isn't a fricking cheesy romance movie where they stare into each other’s eyes and know that they've found their other half. They're in a night club with people practically having sex on the dance floor but with clothes on. This fairy godmother doesn't have all night to wait for the two of them to say something else to each other. He has a lover to walk home and share a goodnight kiss with.

Disgusted with the looks they were giving to each other, Kyuhyun turned around and pretended to gag. Eunhyuk giggled at him and Kyuhyun flushed. Trying to recover whatever's left of his pride after being caught acting like an idiot by his boyfriend, Kyuhyun snapped at the silent couple.

"For fucks sake, just do something!"

Kibum and Changmin looked at Kyuhyun and then at each other. They laughed and smiled. Kyuhyun's patience was wearing thin.

"Oh Kibum, I'd love to see you again. I'd like that too Changmin. Can I have your number? Sure." Kyuhyun acted out and then rolled his eyes. He walked away to the other side of the bar to get away from the two slowpokes.

Once Changmin stopped laughing, he turned his body to face Kibum.

"Here." Changmin held out a white card between his index and middle finger towards Kibum.

Kibum smiled and reached for the card. Once his hands touched the other end of the card, he flipped the card in a circular motion. Changmin hadn't let go of the card yet. He was surprised by what Kibum had just done.

"Call me." Kibum flashed that 1000 mega watt smile again and paid for his drink. He turned around and walked away. Changmin's eyes followed that beautiful backside until the door closed behind him as he left the club.

Looking at the card between his fingers, he saw that it wasn't his card in his hands. It was Kibum's. It had his name and number in the center in gold curly font. Framing his name were the outline of a set of wings. Changmin ran his hand over it and he could feel every line and curve of those wings.

"You owe me."

Looking up, Changmin came face to face with a smug looking Kyuhyun.

"If it weren't for me you wouldn't be with Eunhyuk sshi."

Kyuhyun's eyes narrowed and he glared at Changmin. Changmin flashed him a bright innocent smile. He always wins in the end.

Tonight he had won against Kyuhyun as well as an angel. The angel had said to call him but the question is, when to call.

"You so want to call him right now don't you?"

"No, I'd seem desperate then."

Kyuhyun snorted. "You are desperate."

Changmin ignored his friend's comment and continued on asking for Kyuhyun's opinion.

"Do you think I should wait until tomorrow or next week to call him?"

"I can see it already. Kibum's the man and you're the girl in this relationship."

"There is no relationship."

"Oh but you want it so badly to be one." Kyuhyun smirked, laughing at Changmin.

"Fuck you!"

"No thanks. You're not my type."

"You're such a perverted freak! Must you take everything I say as something sexual?"

"If it's you, then yes, I must. You're a young 22 year old male with too much pent up sexual frustration. Of course I have to take it that way."

Changmin leaned forward and tried to take a swing at Kyuhyun.

Kyuhyun laughed and ran to the other side of the bar to his boyfriend. He was laughing his head off.

Annoyed, Changmin drained the rest of his drink in one go.

Pocketing the card and making sure it was safely in his breast pocket, Changmin paid for his tab and left the club. He doesn't care anymore. Okay he cares a lot more than he should but he will not be a girl in this relationship. He will call Kibum next week or the week after that. Yes, he will not be weak and give into the temptation. Sticking to his plan, Changmin mentally cheered for himself and headed home.

His phone started to vibrate. Practically ripping his jacket open to take the phone out, Changmin flipped the phone open so fast it looked like he almost broke it off. It wasn't a call from the one person he had hoped it would be. It was a text message instead.

From: Kyu

100 bucks says that you'll call him by the end of the week. ^-^

Changmin grumbled and shoved his phone back into his pocket.

There was a black aura that surrounded Changmin. The look on his face was full of evil intent. The pedestrians around him had all move around him, leaving a good 2 metre gap between them and him.

"We'll see Cho Kyuhyun. We'll see." Changmin cackled evilly, his head rolling back and laughing at the sky.

"Daddy is that man crazy?" A little boy asked, pointing at Changmin from the safety of his father's hold.

"Maybe he is. I don't know. Let's go." The father quickly speed walked away from Changmin.

Changmin's face heated up. He had heard what the little boy had asked his father about him. He's going to kill Kyuhyun for making him act like a crazy person, especially in public.

"Cho Kyuhyun you are so going down." Changmin mumbled, stuffing his hands in his pockets and walking home. He had an angel to capture and plan the down fall of his best friend. He needed a good night's sleep to do all that.


A /N: The whole Europe thing is something I remembered I learned about 3 years ago. The facts could have changed and I could be wrong.

Comments are welcomed~♥
Tags: !fanfiction, group: dbsk, group: super junior, pairing: changmin x kyuhyun, pairing: kibum x changmin, pairing: kyuhyun x eunhyuk
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