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[FIC] My Story by Jin Li Xian Hua 3

Title: My Story by Jin Li Xian Hua
Author: sbluesnow
Subject(s): Henry
Pairing(s): Kibum x Donghae
Chapter(s): 3
Genre: AU!Fluff
Summary: The story of Jin Li Xian Hua aka Kim Lee Henry. A 4 year old child who plots his way into getting what he wants. The story starts with Henry talking to Kibum in English leaving Donghae behind. From there, it's where the real story begins.
Requested by: penipenpen
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Quietly going into his parent's room, Henry tried not to wake up his appa just yet. He wanted to surprise his appa. The slightest sound could wake him up. Henry knew that his appa was a light sleeper.

He had tried to sneak into the kitchen to eat lychees way past his bedtime and his appa had caught him red handed. Even though the punishment wasn't a big deal, no video games for a week, he still missed not eating lychees for a week. His umma wouldn't budge either. When appa says no, not even umma can disagree with him.

Umma said something about how appa was so hot when he was mad. Too much information umma! I don't need to know that. Eww.

Crawling onto the bed, Henry looked at his appa's sleeping face.

I'm 4 years old. Appa is 25 years old. Umma is 26 years old. Umma may be older than appa but he's a lot more childish. Appa and umma are still so young.

Gently crawling on top of Kibum, Henry held his appa's face in his little hands. Kibum stirred in his sleep. Smiling an evil smile, Henry thought of an idea. His little hands stayed on Kibum's cheeks. Counting to three, Henry massaged and rubbed his appa's cheeks as fast as he could. His appa's face looked so funny.

Kibum instantly woke up. His hands automatically shot out to stop the intruder. Snapping his eyes open, he saw Henry massaging his cheeks in a very fast pace and laughing at him.

"Jin Li Xian Hua."

Henry froze. When his umma called him or his appa by their Chinese names, it meant that he was mad. But that was okay because it'd be over soon enough. But coming from his appa, it meant that he was serious. No funny business.

Kibum seeing that his son had stopped and was frozen in his spot, eyes wide and practically popping out of their eye sockets, smiled and ruffled Henry's hair.

"Calm down little guy, I just wanted you to stop. I'm not mad."

Henry nodded, still not sure of what to do. His appa was never mad at him before and he didn't want to break that streak. He'd seen what happened to Heechul hyung when they got into an argument. The ending wasn't pretty. Heechul hyung apologized to his appa. Everyone was shocked. The Kim Heechul apologized to his appa.

Seeing that his son was completely spaced out just like a certain Fishy he knew, Kibum sat up and leaned against the headboard, pulling Henry to sit on his lap.

"What's up Henry?"

Henry blinked a couple of times and then looked up at his appa.


Kibum chuckled at Henry's cluelessness. He definitely got that from his umma.

"Why did you come in here and rubbed my cheeks really fast like you were trying to build a fire?"

"Because I wanted to see what you'd look like when I did that."


"You looked funny but still cute."

Kibum smiled at Henry's blunt reply. He definitely got that from him.

"So what do you want? Breakfast?"

"Silly appa. It's almost lunch."

Glancing over to the clock on the bedside table, it read 11:45 PM.

"So it is."


"Well then Henry what would you like to have for lunch?"

"First appa, go wash up! Your breath smells." Henry said covering his nose with his hand.

"Does not but I'll do that anyways."

"How do you know it doesn't?"

"Because your umma says that I don't have morning breath."

"Okay, yeah that's true but still! You have to wash up first."

"Yes sir!" Kibum said, saluting at Henry.

Henry rolled his eyes at his appa. Even though it was obvious his umma was the one who loves to joke around his appa was just the same. To people that don't know him, he'd seem very cold but once you get to know him, he's not a bad person. He really was just like umma. A mischievous good looking devil. Well his umma had his moments but just moments.

"What do you want for lunch appa?"

"Good question. How about some Beijing fried rice?"

"Yay! I love Hannie Gege's Beijing fried rice!" Henry said happily clapping at his appa's choice for lunch.

Kibum laughed. Food was something that usually cheered Henry up.

"How about you go watch some TV, while I wash up then make lunch okay?"

"Okay appa."

"Good. Now give me a kiss." Kibum said pointing to his cheek.
Henry's jaw dropped. He couldn't believe his appa had asked him that.

"I'm waiting Henry." Kibum said, patting his cheek with his finger, showing Henry where he wanted the kiss.

Henry smiled smugly. Taking his hand, he pushed his appa's face away from his and ran out of the room cackling. Kibum sat on the bed, awestruck by his son's antics.

"Definitely like his umma." Kibum said shaking his head. Getting out of bed, he made his way towards the washroom to get ready then make lunch for himself and Henry.

In the living room, Henry was smiling like an idiot. He couldn't believe he had just done that to his appa. If it was he had done that to his umma, he'd be tickled until he was in tears by now.

Jumping onto the couch, Henry lied down on his stomach and faced the TV. Lazily reaching for the remote, Henry turned on the TV and flipped through the channels for something good to watch.

Still lying on his stomach, Henry flipped to a random channel and closed his eyes. Snooping around and playing with his appa so early in the morning made him tired. Just as he felt he was about to enter dreamland, Henry heard the most captivating sound.

Sitting up with his back straight, Henry's eyes stayed focused on the screen, hands clutching onto the remote tightly as if to prevent anyone from taking it away from him. Henry couldn't move. His body was frozen. That sound was so sad but lively. So much soul and anguish all at the same time. Henry was captivated.

That's it. That's what I want. That's what will be mine. To play that. To use that. The violin. It will be mine. To play. To keep. To play.


AN: another chapter! Yippie! So sorry for the long update. Well I actually had this done but keep forgetting to post.
Comments are appreciated~♥
Tags: !fanfiction, character: henry, group: super junior, pairing: donghae x henry, pairing: kibum x donghae, pairing: kibum x henry
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