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[FIC] paradise meadow

.title: paradise meadow
.author: sbluesnow
.pairing: Changmin x Kibum
.summary: when all is lost, it doesn't really mean a person have to be lost.

Everything is drenched in white. The ground is pure and smooth. The trees mix with the ground. The leaves aren't green. They’re white and crystallized. There isn't a single soul for miles. There’s not even a bird in the sky. The sun is out but it's not glaring and yellow. It’s softer and duller. Much like the moon shining during the day if it were possible. The clouds are big, white and fluffy. Casting shadows but also creating warmth. There’s no wind or cold breezes.

The ground by his feet is untouched. No other footprints or a sign to how he got there. It’s like he was picked up and placed in the blanket of white.

He’s confused at where he is. He’s confused at who he is. The words Shim Changmin floated in his mind but that's it. He doesn't understand what that name means. He doesn't know if that should mean anything to him.

A melodic laughter reaches his ears. He turns and turns around in his spot, trying to look for the source. He sees nothing but white.

The laughter stops and it's quiet again. He’s confused. He knows he heard that laughter for sure. He knew his mind was not playing tricks on him.

Looking at the ground, he saw the tracks he had left behind when he was turning in circles. They were messy and rushed. Like he was panicking and the world was crumbling on him. Pouting, he kicked the snow by his feet. Messing up the footprints even more and not caring the slightest bit.


He looked up but saw no one.

"Up here."

He raised his up towards the sky and saw someone staring down at him. That person was standing on a tree branch and smiling at him. They then took a step forward away from the tree and plonked down on the branch. The branch did nothing but move with the boy. It didn't break or bend as if the boy weighed nothing. The snow from the branch slid down and fell to the ground creating a small pile.

"Do you know where you are? Better question to ask if you know who you are?"

He shook his head. He really didn't know. He doesn't know why he didn't voice his answer. He doesn't remember how to talk.

The boy on the branch smiled warmly at him.

"Well you are right about one thing. Shim Changmin is you."

He acknowledged the boy's words but that doesn't mean he accepts them. He doesn't know if he can trust this boy. He feels like he can but at the same time like he can't either.

"I’m sent from above. I’m your guardian angel, Kibum. You don't have to believe me if you don't want to, I’m telling you the truth, it's your choice to believe them or not."

He nodded. He may not remember anything but he knew enough to trust his judgement.

"In case you're wondering where you are, you're in a place no human can be at. You were human. That’s not to say that you're dead exactly if that makes sense."

It didn't. He wasn't going to say anything though. Though he doesn't exactly trust the boy, he likes his low voice. It’s rich and enticing to him.

The boy jumped down from the tree branch. His feet landed softly on the group as if he flew down. Like his back had sprouted invisible wings. The boy made his towards him until they were standing in front of each other.

"You know, you should stop calling me the boy. I have a name, and I told you it. You should use it."

His eyes stared at the boy for a few seconds before blinking. Can the boy read his mind?

"Can I read your mind? Something likes that." Kibum smiled a pearly white smile.

Kibum held out his hand in front of him. He looked up at Changmin and smiled. This time it wasn't a bright shiny smile but a soft one.

"Do you trust me enough to be your guide here, wherever that is and to be by your side?"

He looked at the boy then at his hand. He moved his hand and slid it into the others.

"Thank you Changmin."

The name Changmin means nothing to him. He’s yet to accept that name. He just nodded at KiBum.

Kibum giggled but didn't say anything. Giving Changmin’s hand a light squeeze, Kibum raised his other hand and waved to their surroundings. The world of white disappeared and color re-appeared. The trees were luscious and green. The birds were soaring in the sky. The sun was shining brightly. The clouds were white and muffin. The snow seen for miles was replaced with an open meadow with tall grass that reached to his knees and all sorts of butterflies in soft colors.

"Welcome to paradise Changmin."

Tags: !fanfiction, group: dbsk, group: super junior, pairing: kibum x changmin
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