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[FIC] no longer white

.title: no longer white
.author: sbluesnow
.pairing: implied!Changmin, his son (Bryan) and X
.summary: regardless of sun or rain, the memories are still there. the tears are still there. the smiles are still there. the love is still there. and the kisses are still there.

The air smells like rain. The ground is wet. The grass is muddy and the pavement is slippery. It's hard to walk under these circumstances when you don't know where you're going. It's stopped raining a little while ago but it'll pick up again. The signs are in the clouds. It's cloudy outside and the sun is hidden.

A little boy walks with someone much older than him, hand in hand. They resemble each other very much. They could pass off as brothers. They walk side by side, hand in hand down the narrow path, both with gloomy expressions.

Today is not a happy day.

It can be but it doesn't seem right to be one.

They walk and walk until they come to a clearing. They walk until they come to a small marking up ahead. It's a head taller than the little boy. When they're standing in front of the marking, it starts to rain again. It's pouring much harder than before.


"In a minute Bryan."

The little boy watched his dad place the bouquet of white roses down. His eyes watched his father's expression to his hand. They placed the roses down so delicately like he'd think they'd break if he didn't. He knew that today is a very important day to his dad. He just didn't know why.

He looked at the picture and thought really hard as to whom the man is smiling at them. The man looked around his dad's age, smiling and really happy. He couldn't understand what the words under the picture means because they weren't in English. He wanted to ask but he didn't want to make his dad even sadder. He's never seen his dad this gentle and broken before.

He was shivering and cold but he didn't want to interrupt his dad. He'd wait and then they'd leave and everything would be okay again.

He was shocked when his dad crouched down to the ground and traced the outline of the man's face in the picture with his free hand. When he was going to pull his hand away from his dad, his dad held on tighter. He was confused and didn't understand what's going on.

Then his daddy pulled his hand away from the picture and smiled at him. Even though it was raining, he could tell that his daddy was crying. Quickly pulling at his sleeves, he wiped his daddy's tears. It didn't matter that his shirt was soaked. Men don't cry.

"Let's go, okay buddy?"

Bryan nodded and wrapped his arms around his dad's neck. His father stood up and they began to walk away. His eyes were glued to where they were just seconds ago. The roses were changing. The harder it rained, the quicker the roses changed. It changed from white roses to red. They continued walking until he couldn't see the red roses anymore.

They were really pretty.

Later when they were back in the hotel where it's nice and dry, he wanted to ask his daddy how he'd changed the color of the roses. While in the bathroom, he saw on the side of his shirt that it was red. He thought back to their walk and remembers that's where his dad‘s fingers was holding onto him.

Bryan held the shirt out in front of him and was scared of it. He showered with the shirt and removed all the red. When he got out of the washroom, his dad was smiling at him and asking him if he's okay.

He nodded and smiled back, pretending to not know anything. He walked over to the little dining table and ate his favorite dishes that his dad had ordered. His eyes glanced at his daddy's fingers but saw nothing. They weren't bandaged or wrapped or anything. Ignoring the funny looks he was getting from his dad, Bryan continued to eat his dinner.

Once it got dark and he was sure his dad was asleep, Bryan moved closer to his dad's fingers. Only up really close did he see little cuts. They looked like tiny slashes from the thorns of the roses. Moving away, Bryan sat up on the bed and looked at his daddy. He was sleeping so peacefully and smiling too.

Bryan turned to his left and look at his daddy's wallet on the night stand. He looked back at his dad's sleeping back. Carefully he opened the wallet but found nothing out of the ordinary. Until he looked in the secret compartment. Slowly pulling the picture out, he felt his heart racing. The picture were of two people and a child. He sees himself and his daddy in the picture. The other person is of the man they went to visit earlier. He didn't understand. He doesn't remember meeting the other man or taking a picture with him.

What really confused him was that in the picture, his daddy and the other man were hugging him from behind and that his daddy was kissing the other man on the cheek. He doesn't get why his dad is kissing a man. Though he's okay with it as long as his daddy is happy and in the picture he really is. He hasn't seen his dad smiling freely like that in a while. Looking back at the other man in the picture, he couldn't help but smile too. The other man had a really beautiful smile and was very beautiful too.

Giggling very softly to not wake his dad up, Bryan lightly kissed the other man in the picture and put the photo back in its secret place. He doesn't have a reason for kissing the picture. It just felt right.

Putting the wallet back in the right place, Bryan got under the covers and hugged his daddy's back. His dad slowly turned over and lazily opened an eye at him. He smiled and pulled Bryan into his chest. He could feel his dad's heartbeat against his hands.

He may not know why they visited the other man earlier, why his dad had cried, why the roses had changed or who the man is but it's okay. Grownups have to have their secrets. He just hopes that one day, his daddy will tell him who the beautiful man is.
Tags: !fanfiction, character: changmin, group: dbsk
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