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[FIC] Pounding

.title: Pounding
.author: sbluesnow
.pairing: Changmin x Yoochun
.summary: time stops. time’s ticking. everything slows down. then it becomes calm and peaceful.
.warning: character death
.a/n: written for jesusluvsjaeho for Minberpile Secret Santa

Something's pounding. It's soft at first till it gets louder and louder. As it gets louder, the beat goes faster and faster until the sound is deafening.

The pounding gets louder. The beating gets faster. Breathing becomes harder.

Everything plays in slow motion.

The voices are muffled. The people become blurs and blobs.

Junsu looks like he's going to break down any second.

Jaejoong is struggling in Yunho's hold and shouting at him.

Yunho, the manly man, is crying? That seems all too weird.

Suddenly the world seems bigger. The floor is really cold.

Changmin's face comes into view and he's holding me in his arms. Why does he look so sad?

"Changmin, what's wrong?"

He shakes his head and sad tears fall from his eyes.

My body is shaking like a ragdoll in his arms one minute then I'm pushed up in his chest. It hurts a little bit but very comfortable.

I can smell him. His shirt smells like orange zest detergent mixed with the scent that's purely him. It's amazing.

I smile into his chest and relax into his embrace.

It's nice being held by him even though the others are freaking me out. Who knows maybe it's a hidden camera. If it is, the others acting have approved so much since the Banjun drama days.

The warmth from Changmin is so warm. It makes me want to sleep. I wonder if he'll be mad at me for sleeping in his arms like this.

Oh well. I'll deal with it later. Night guys. Night Minnie. Wake me up later.

Hm, my heart stops pounding like crazy now. That's good.
Tags: !fanfiction, group: dbsk, pairing: changmin x yoochun
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