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[FIC] Forget TV, let's talk.

.title: Forget TV, let's talk.
.author: sbluesnow
.pairing: Changmin x Yoochun
.summary: finally after many trials, it's time for a confrontation. a confrontation to get everything out and done with. for the better and not worse.
.a/n: written for english_01 for Minberpile Secret Santa


They meet through drunken acts.

They became friends under weird circumstances.

They live across from each other by sheer chance.


The first time they kiss is through heartache.

The first time they make out is because of a dare.

The first time they have sex is out of loneliness.


When they confess is nothing but painful silences and hearts beating a mile a minute.


"I want to take this a step further."

Yoochun tore his eyes away from the TV and looked at Changmin. He didn't get what those words meant.

"And what would that include? We've everything in case you haven't noticed Changmin. We've kissed, had sex, and are over at each other's places practically all the time. What more can we do?" Yoochun turned his attention back to the TV, obviously bored with the conversation already.

"I don't mean physically Yoochun. I mean for you to give me your heart and for me to give you mine." Changmin stood in front of Yoochun and looked at him, his gaze piercing right into Yoochun. Like he was searching for his secrets and lies.

"I just have one thing to say to that."

"What?" Changmin was willing to take on anything to get Yoochun to be his willingly.

"Beware of the glass heart in here." Yoochun placed Changmin's hand over his heart and looked at him with sad eyes.

Changmin broke out into a giggle fit.

Yoochun growled and threw Changmin's hand away from his heart.

"You idiot. I love you. I'm not going to break your heart." Changmin smiled cheerily at Yoochun, his eyes mismatching and shining.

Yoochun was shocked all over. He hadn't expected those three words to be said to him.

"I love you, Park Yoochun." Changmin moved closer to Yoochun and held onto his chin. "I. Love. You. Got it?"

"Got it." Yoochun repeated dumbly. His facial expression was blank and like his soul had left his body.

"It's a good thing I love you."


Changmin rolled his eyes and pulled Yoochun in for a kiss. He can wait until Yoochun says those words back to him. He knows how Yoochun feels for him. He'd just liked to hear it.

Yoochun was confused and obviously shell-shocked. He let Changmin lead and dominate the kiss. Who is he to complain about having a tall masculine smexy man in his lap kissing the living daylights out of him?
Tags: !fanfiction, group: dbsk, pairing: changmin x yoochun
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