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[FIC] Home is where the heart is

Home is where the heart is | Changmin/MC
1792 words
Sequel to Dalliance

When did life change so much? It might not have for everyone else but in the past month, life has changed completely for Changmin. His friends have changed, for the better or worse depending on how you look at it and in a way, because of that his life has changed. He's not sure if he himself has changed in any way.

Jaejoong has finally agreed to marry Yunho. It might have just been the commitment thing but Changmin had a feeling it was more than that. Jaejoong is finally ready to admit to everyone that he loves Jung Yunho and wants to spend the rest of his life with him. Yunho has always been ready. Changmin could bet all the food in his apartment and car and office at work AND the food on his boat that Yunho was ready the moment he saw Jaejoong. Love at first sight. That might have been the exact same moment Yunho's image of a strong, masculine tough guy had crumbled and was replaced with a head over heels love sick puppy.

Yoochun had finally stopped travelling to a different part of the world every 2 weeks and stayed in Seoul long enough to actually hang out with his friends. He's also stopped smoking and getting out of his depressed emo-like state. It really hurt to see his friend hurting like that and just running away to whatever city, trying to start anew and become someone else before the facade cracks and he leaves again. Yoochun's much more stable and much more carefree. He's not as paranoid and suspicious to people who are friendly to him. Even at times, he was suspicious at Changmin. Like that one time, Changmin had given him his dukbokki. Yoochun was so close to strangling him and asking who he was and what had he done to the real Shim Changmin. Really come on! He doesn't love food THAT much! Maybe a little but not THAT much.

Junsu surprisingly is the most normal (?) out of them all. He's not sure if the word normal would fit Junsu correctly. Nothing good or bad has happened to Junsu really. He's just much more happy than usual. Changmin's tempted to confront Junsu and ask who the lucky guy is. It has to be a guy for sure. Changmin's pretty sure that girls don't wear red briefs. Some might but it being a girl Junsu dating is highly unlikely. Junsu could always say that it's his but come on! Junsu has a big butt; the red briefs definitely won't fit him. He could try to convince Changmin otherwise though. He'd love to watch the duck butt fail and struggle with his words. He'd probably end up revealing who the guy is instead. He probably could ask but if Junsu isn't ready to tell him yet, then he'll wait.

They're all off doing their own thing, going down the paths that they chosen. He feels like he's being left behind. He doesn't know why though. Their all closer than ever and constantly calling each other up randomly, at the randomest times (really Yoochun, must you call me at 10 past 4 in the morning just to tell me to have fun with my hand since I'm not getting any) and sometimes say the stupidest things (Junsu, give up. Even if you tell me to stop being so freakishly tall and stop growing, I can't help being tall and still growing).

So far only Yunho hasn't called him up and say random things to him except for the occasional times when Jaejoong has gone back with Yoochun to their hometown. Then Yunho would start blubbering about how amazing and beautiful Jae is and how he's so lucky to marry him and blah blah blah. He loves Yunho hyung but hearing the man talk about Jaejoong hyung and what he loves about him is like having no food. It's torture. He doesn't need to know that Yunho hyung likes it when Jaejoong uses the drama clean for refreshingly clean hair and light conditioning with a fusion of berry tea and orange flower. He really doesn't need to know that.

Every one of them has someone. He's pretty sure when Yoochun called him ten past 4 in the morning, he was with someone. Although Yoochun never called him again that early in the morning, there have been times he'd tease Changmin about getting lucky. It's not like Changmin's going to give into the peer pressure and hook up with someone just for the heck of it. He might just to have some fun and relax but the question is, who?

He's interested in girls. Though there are a tiny handful of males that he feels an attraction to. The guys don't count. There is an attraction yes, but not sexually. That'd just be wrong and gross on so many levels. He was so close to caving in when Jaejoong volunteered to set up blind dates for him. He was so close but he stood his ground in the end. He's seen some of the guys he hooked Hankyung hyung up with. The scariest is Heechul and oddly enough, they actually got together. Congrats to them and everything but no. He doesn't want a drama queen, err king as a boyfriend. He sees what Yunho hyung goes through, he'll pass.

So deciding to take things into his own hands, that's where he is right now. Out in a club, drinking his drink, body leaning into the couch and eyes lazily glazing over the dance floor. He's not sure how much he had to drink but they just kept coming and he just kept drinking.

He remembers getting up, the need to move his falling asleep legs and going somewhere. The sign on the wall says the washroom, or so he thinks. His vision wasn't the best at that moment. So he walks, not entirely too sure where he's going and bumps into someone else. The other person looks like he's about to fall to the ground and Changmin automatically reaches out and latches onto them. He pulls the person close and they're face to face. His mind didn't even register what was going on yet. He felt a shove from behind and his body lunged forward evidently pushing the other person against the wall and their lips connecting. A group of giggles from behind him apologizes and scurries away. He doesn't care. Those lips against his are just so soft. He wonders what the inside of those lips taste likes and so he goes for it.

There's tugging and pulling and leaving the club in a haste. They make it to some place, and get rid of the restricting clothes. Or something along those lines. Honestly he doesn't really remember what happened exactly. All he knows is that waking up, his butt and lower back are in pain, his legs feel like jelly, his stomach is covered in something white (he has a feeling it's semen, though he's not sure if it's his or not) and that there's someone lying on the white bed next to him with their back facing him.

He's kinda hoping this is a dream. Shim Changmin does not bottom! He repeats, he does not bottom. Yet his lower half of his body is hurting like hell.

Looking at the sleeping figure next to him, he can't really see the other person's face, though he can tell that they are a male. Gently poking the unknown male's lower back just to test his theory, he was surprised when he heard the other whimper softly and slightly shift away from him.

I guess we switched roles multiple times for it to be hurting me as much as it hurts him from that gentle poke. Well on the plus side, he can’t get pregnant and I won't be a father so soon.

Letting out an inaudible sigh, Changmin pushed away the feeling of disappointment at that thought. The first thought is to get out of there as soon as possible without waking the other up. He didn't want the awkward morning after the one night stand and get to see the other man's face and possibly know his name. If the other male knows his name and he doesn't know theirs, it'd just be more awkward.

Looking back at the other's back, the skin was creamy white and silky smooth for the most part. Except for those markings and love bites. Changmin flushed looking at them, realizing that he was the one who marked the other man. He heard a slight ruffle and the bed dipping. He tensed and slowly as if he was expecting a gun to be aimed at his head, he turned to the side. Changmin let out the breath he didn't realize he had held in. The other male wasn't awake. He just turned in his sleep and was now facing Changmin. Practically anyways, since his hair was covering the most of his face.

He doesn't know why but he felt a little angry at that. Throwing the idea of leaving out the window, he slowly and quietly lied back down on the bed and moved closer to the other man. He pulled the sheets back up so it was covering the both of them just a little under the shoulders. He gently swiped the hair away from the other man's face and gasped at the face that lay underneath. As beautiful as an angel.

Wanting to get closer to the angel, Changmin manoeuvred their arms so that they were hugging each other. He even did it so that he was in the other man's arms and was freely staring at the angelic sleeping face. Going in for the kill, Changmin swiftly pecked the other's lips and waited for a reaction. There wasn't one. The other was still asleep. Smiling, he closed his eyes and let himself enter dreamland.

The awkwardness in the morning might be there when they both wake up but he doesn’t mind. He sorta wants one. He could always break the awkwardness and get to know this man. They might not become boyfriends or lovers but for now he's content.

But if they were to ever reach that stage of being lovers, he wouldn’t mind. Home is where the heart is after all.

I wonder if this is what Yunho hyung felt like when he first saw Jae hyung? Granted that our first encounter wasn't the best but now I'm very much sober and can actually see the angel right before me. If it is love at second sight, I just hope I don't become a blabbering love sick fool. Though if it's about this angel here, I'd happily go on forever.


A/N: Hi! Felt like writing so this came out and about. ^^
Tags: !fanfiction, group: dbsk, pairing: changmin x mc
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