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[Multiple Fics]

Multiple drabbles
Author: sbluesnow
All thanks to renichifreak for the prompts

Forever with you | ?/implied!Changmin, 206 words

Seoul is where the soul is. Tokyo is the night life of Japan. Florida is the bright sunny and warm place that's buzzing during spring break. Which really doesn't make any sense why anyone would choose that time to vacation there but they do. Humans are stupid that way, no?

It's alright right now. The pre-spring break days. The best days to relax and really see what Orange County has to offer before the partiers drop in and take over.

The sights are pretty. The food's fresh. The sun's hot. The palm trees are tall.

Looking up, he smiles to himself. It reminds him of a certain handsome male back where he's from. He's not sure if he could call that place home right now.

The palm trees stand tall and seem to go on forever.

'It's just like him'.

Seeing the coconuts hanging from the trees, he straight out laughing at the memories. He remembers clearly how the same handsome male cracked open a coconut with a knife. The look on his face was masculine but cute at the same time.

Some things never change. No matter where you go, your memories come with you, whether you want to remember or not is a completely different matter.

One Last Song | Youngsaeng-centric, implied!Youngsaeng/Kyujong, 207 words

Singing is his life. Singing is what he loves to do. Given the change to sing, nine times out of ten he'd jump at it. Being on stage is something he dreams of doing. But not this time.

Singing because there's nothing else to do, hurts. Singing because it's the only thing to do, hurts. Singing because it's the only release, hurts. Singing because it's the way to only be heard, hurts.

It hurts to sing but he has to.

"This song goes out to KKJ."

He grips on the microphone tightly in his hands. His hold is so tight that the stand is slowly leaning towards him. He doesn't take notice of the stand, the audience, the lights, or anyone.

He closes his eyes and sings.

"One summer, in my eyes
Shines a green star, You
We, to each other, our love blossomed"

He sings like it's the first time.

Like the stars in the night sky
Sparkling green star
That look is so very lovely

The words have to be right.

And every one of the moments that we’re together

They mean so much.

And every one of the promises that we made

They're not just words.

Also, every hour that we’re together
All of it

They're what’s in his heart.

Forever, we will hold on to

Never ending battle | Kyuhyun/Sungmin, 359 words

Kyuhyun watches his hyung but he makes no move to walk closer to his pink loving roommate. Or used to be or is. He's not so sure anymore. They used to be but now it's just all over the place. Sometimes Sungmin would sleep in his bed and sometimes he wouldn't or he wouldn't sleep at all. Kyuhyun's not sure what he should say. He's not that great at comforting people. He can but with Sungmin, it's always been the other way around.

This isn't the first time he's felt this way. It might just be because of the time but he doubts it. Day and night reflect who Sungmin is at times like these. During the day, he's happy and smiling and energetic. Once night falls, he's quiet, introverted and always staring into space.

Kyuhyun finally makes his decision and takes a step forward to his hyung sitting out on the small and cramped terrace. That one step is as far as he gets. A hand stopped him from moving any further.

"Let him be Kyu. He needs this time to be Sungmin and not Lee Sungmin of Super Junior or the Lee Sungmin we know. Just Sungmin."

Kyuhyun stared at the leader for quite some time and reluctantly nodded. He trusts that Leeteuk hyung knew what he was talking about. He stepped back and retreated to his room. He felt pissed and helpless. He steps forward to help his friend but gets pulled back because his friends needs this time to himself.

Turning on his laptop, he immediately started to login into his character and defeat the enemy. The real enemy is himself right now. Constantly attacking his enemies (burdening Sungmin with his problems), never blinking an eye at his enemies broken armies (ignoring the disappointment in Sungmin's eyes when he declines his hyung saying he made plans with Mimi already) and obliterate the enemies into nothing but ashes (leaving Sungmin and letting him continue to act like this).

He feels like he is one and there's nothing he can do to stop. To stop and become the good guy. The good guy on Sungmin's side of the battlefield.

I'll forget (Love is all that matters) | Changmin/?, 538 words

Ballet is recognized as an elegant and graceful dance. Calling it a dance is downgrading it in some ways. It's a beautiful continuous movement of something, a value, a belief, a message, a life.

The ballerina would spin and spin, like she can't stop. Just like in a music box. Once the lid opens, the music plays and the little ballerina in the pink tutu is dancing on her toes. Her arms are above her head and she's spinning. It's not out of control. She's in control. Her life just goes and goes. She never stops. Even if the batteries were to eventually die, she wouldn't stop spinning. Ballerinas are always on their toes. They know what to do and what to expect.

Just watching one spin so many times get dizzying.

So here, a young man sits with his legs pulled up to his chest, arms wrapped around his legs and head resting on his knees. He's sitting on a white bed, in a equally white room. The sun is shining in through the thin white curtains hanging from the window.

There are pictures all along the walls. The wall opposite the window is filled with pictures from the floor up to a third of the height of the wall. The pictures are all laid out neatly in a pattern. Each picture contains someone, all smiling and being so happy. The wall across from the bed has actual photos in frames of the most beautiful smile in the world. The photos are all taken from different angles. The background in the picture doesn’t matter. It's the person smiling. It's amazing how no matter how many times that smile is captured or from what angle, the smile is still beautiful.

The young man sitting on the bed doesn't look at the pictures on the walls. His eyes are staring directly at the music box in front of him with the ballerina in the pink tutu spinning and spinning.

He envies her. She's on top of the world. She's dancing and dancing. She's free and doing what she loves. He envies her but he doesn't hate her. She's done nothing wrong so he just watches. He stares her spin around and around. His eyes never looking away from her spinning.

"Min ah, it's time for your walk."

The door to the room opens and a pretty man in light blue jeans and a white shirt is standing there. The young man looks up and nods. He closes his music box but leaves it on the bed. He gets up and follows the pretty man out. He makes sure to grab his camera on the way out.

It's his beloved. His escape. His treasure. His freedom. But not his love. It's what and who he sees through his beloved are who he likes. It's only one person that he loves.

The person with the beautiful smile. He doesn't know their name. He doesn't know who they are. He just loves them.

But they don't love him. If they do love him, he doesn't know. They don't know him. He doesn't know who he is. He doesn't remember.

He only knows that he loves them. The person with the beautiful smile.
Tags: !fanfiction, character: changmin, group: dbsk, group: ss501, group: super junior, pairing: kyuhyun x sungmin, pairing: kyujong x youngsaeng
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