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[FIC] Fish in water

Title: Fish in water
Author: sbluesnow
Pairing: Kibum/Donghae
Word count: 195 words
Summary: Chick flicks are for girls and Kibum's pretty sure that Donghae isn't one.
A/N: Something I cooked up in English class.

Kibum has never understood why girls cry while watching those sappy dramas no TV. It's not that sad. There are poor children out there who are suffering but they get no tears. But the main leads in the drama that can't get together for whatever reason gets bucket loads of them. What's even more confusing is his hyung falling into the same fate as those girls.

Really, a 23 year old man crying his eyes out and switching to using a towel because he used up all the tissues in the box and 2 toilet paper rolls is a little pathetic. Though if he were to ever say that to Donghae hyung, he'd probably only cry more. He'd be drowning in tears.

Kibum lets out a low chuckle.

A fish drowning in water would be very funny. But he'll never tell Donghae that. He for sure wouldn't get it and he'd probably try to test out the statement, He doesn't want the deaths of a bunch of little fishies over his head, though he has no idea how Donghae could manage to drown some fishes. Knowing Donghae, it'd probably be possible if not completely doable.
Tags: !fanfiction, group: super junior, pairing: kibum x donghae
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