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[Drabbles] #2

2 Drabbles
Author: sbluesnow

Run | Changmin/MC, 336 words

The night is silent. No one is out at this time of night. Those out are either drunk or hidden in somewhere warm. Not just out on the streets sticking out like a sore thumb.

It's too quiet. Not a single soul in sight but the voices are there. They're crystal clear. They're coming closer. He can feel it.

His heart races. It beats faster and faster. His breathing picks up. He looks around. They're not close to him yet but he can hear them. He dashes forward and runs.

Running and running and running.

It's all he can do until he reaches his heaven.

Running from the Devil is his only choice.

He turns a sharp corner, zipping in and out of alleyways and not taking the streets. The streets are more dangerous than the dark alleyways. At least there, he knows what could be lurking around. Out in the open on the road is too risky.

He can't be caught by the Devil yet. He hasn't so far and he won't be beaten. At least not without seeing his Angel first.

He runs through the darkness, jumps over fallen trashcans, pushing aside broken doorways and races through the front gates of his heaven. He pounds on the door, mumbling 'Come on' over and over again, waiting for the door to open sooner.

It does. His body lunges inside and tackles the owner of the home. He slams the door behind him with his foot and the locks on the door automatically locks into place.

"Changmin! Are you okay?" Came the muffled reply from the man in his arms. The man pulled back and looked at him, hands coming up and cradling his face.

"I'm fine! Never been better." Changmin smiled.

The other man frowned. "You've been running again haven't you?"

"No. Not anymore." Changmin smiled honestly this time.

"Really?" The other man asked, eyes lighting up like it's Christmas morning.

"Really." Changmin hugged him close and kissed him on the top of his head.

Now alone | Changmin/Kibum, 499 words

The chapel is buzzing with excitement. Everyone's waiting for the final moment to arrive. The guests are chatting amongst themselves. Many females in the room, young and old, are gushing over the groom standing at the front.

The weather is nice today. Not too hot or too cold. Perfectly warm for a wedding held outdoors. The wedding is behind schedule a few minutes late but its okay. It will still happen and everything will be fine.

The ceremony begins with the best man walking down the aisle with the maid of honour. They're smiling and happy for their friend. They're oh so happy for their friend. They go their separate ways standing in their rightful spot. Finally, the bride walks down the aisle. She's beautiful in her wedding dress.

Once she reaches the podium, the groom takes her hand in his. They share sweet smiles and loving looks. The maid of honour looks past the soon-to-be husband and wife and looks at the best man. They share a glance and he nods his head. She smiles sadly at him but says nothing. The best man stares at his best friend, getting married to someone else. It hurts but it's the right thing to do. They could never be a couple anyways.

"Do you Kim Kibum take Hwang Bora as your wife in sickness and in health, till death do you part?"

"I do."

"Do you Hwang Bora take Kim Kibum as your husband in sickness and in health, till death do you part?"

"I do."

The minister smiles. "I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride."

The couple kiss and the audience goes wild. There are cheers and hollers, tears and sniffles, laughter and smiles. No one notices the best man's faltering smile especially not Kibum.

Everyone slowly leaves to go outside to start the party. In a rare moment, Kibum pulls his best man aside.

"Thanks Changmin. I couldn't have done this without you."

"What are friends for right?"

Kibum smiles his 1000 megawatt smiles and Changmin melts inside. He smiles back and one-touches his best friend. Kibum rolls his eyes and pulls Changmin into a hug.

"Come here."

Changmin hugs back because who knows, this might be the last time he gets to hug him.

"Thank you. Really." Kibum says softly.

"I know." Changmin says back just as softly. He reluctantly pulls away. He knows if he doesn't, he's going to do something really stupid like kiss Kibum, his best friend and a married man.

"Now go find your wife. It's your big day." Changmin shooed, pushing him towards out into the big garden.

Kibum throws him another smile before he goes running over to his wife. Changmin continues to hold his smile into place. He can't be sad yet. Not on Kibum's big day. Only after when he's alone in his now empty apartment (since his roommate just got married) then he'll let the smile disappear and the tears to fall freely.
Tags: !fanfiction, character: changmin, group: dbsk, group: super junior, pairing: kibum x changmin
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