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[Drabbles] #3

Multiple Drabbles
Author: sbluesnow
Rating: PG-13
A/N: Enjoy?

Not a genie no more | Eunhyuk/Kyuhyun, 133 words

Just like bottles, you're another pretty bottle on the shelves. Wanted only when someone is in need of a drink. Forgotten when they toss you aside. Broken when you're smashed into pieces. Happy when you're released from this bottled up world and hand in hand with the one who set you free.

"Thank you Kyuhyun."

Kyuhyun turns to you and looks at you confused. "What for?"

"For everything." You say.

Kyuhyun gives you one of those understanding smiles that make you think he knows what you mean and makes you trust that he's real; that he's here with you, forever.

"You're welcome Eunhyuk." Kyuhyun gives you another smile and squeezes your hand gently. You squeeze back and rest your head on his shoulder, both just enjoying the sunrises' colors spread across the sky.

Don't need anyone but us | OTP15, 159 words

Super Junior.

Super Junior K.R.Y.

Super Junior T.

Super Junior H.

Super Junior M.

Regardless of the subgroup there are so many members in Super Junior. It takes at least 2 groups to make Super Junior. Like when SNSD and Kara came together for a joint stage, neitizens were saying 'Wow, 13 that's so much'. But really, Super Junior has that many members them self.

With so many members, it's not hard to fade into the background. To stand in the limelight as a member of Super Junior and not one of the members of Super Junior is hard. Fighting and competing with your brothers to be recognized and love.

In the end, does it really matter? Yes and no. Yes for the attention of the public and the fans. No because really, does it matter when you have 12 other brothers and 2 step brothers who love you for you?

Many don't think so. Just like the members don't.

I have someone now | Henry/Ryeowook, 267 words

They say love is endless. They say love is powerful. They say love is many things.

They're wrong. They're stupid.

Love does nothing but bring pain when it's not a possible love.

Henry rolls his eyes at the flamboyant display of affection. The fans may think it's fanservice but he knows much better than that. If he the giggles and moans he hears every night next door prove anything.

He sighs before quickly nodding his head that he's okay when Ryeowook pokes him in the side and asks. Ryeowook rests his head on his shoulder and Henry doesn't mind. He welcomes the from behind from Ryeowook. He needs the comfort right now.

Ryeowook smiles at the fans as they scream 'HenWook' and 'Henry, Li Xu' louder.

Henry hears faint words whispered into his ear.

"It'll get easier with time."

Henry tenses and turns his head to look at Ryeowook. His eyes question what Ryeowook means by that.

This time it's the eternal magnae's turn to roll his eyes. He swiftly jerks his head in the direction of where QMi are.

Henry practically jumps into Ryeowook's arms on stage. The screams get louder but he doesn't care. There's someone he can confide in now. Someone who actually cares about him and sees him.

Henry pulls away when he remembers that they're still on a show and slings his arm over Ryeowook's shoulders. He smiles at Ryeowook and laughs at whatever the MC just said.

It'll be okay and if not, at least he could release all his evil plans on how to break the couple up to Ryeowook.

#1 Man | Kibum/Kyuhyun, 252 words

Quickly thanking the staff for their hard work, Kibum walked through the endless amounts of corridors and hallways with ease. He could probably do it with his eyes closed.

Kibum opened the door of Exit 7 and looked around for his friend. He easily found him staring directly into his eyes.

"Give me a heart attack why don't you!" Kibum scolded, stepping out the door and leaning against the wall, facing his friend.

The other male, smirked and said nothing.

"Is that all you wanted Kyuhyun? Cause if it is, I have to get back on set. My break's almost up."

"I think you should be mine." Kyuhyun finally said.

"What?" Kibum scoffed, crossing his arms and expecting an explanation for this absurd crap coming out of Kyuhyun's mouth.

"No. You should be mine." Kyuhyun smirked, casually sticking his hands in his pockets and leaning into Kibum.

"Not happening." The blunt words cut the supposedly playful atmosphere.

"And why not?" Kyuhyun demanded, stomping his foot and pouting like a little kid.

"Cause I'm the man in this relationship and you're mine." Kibum smirked, jerking Kyuhyun forward and pressing a kiss to his lips. His tongue entering the gaping mouth and showing Kyuhyun exactly just how good he is with his long tongue.

Before Kyuhyun could even kiss back, Kibum not so lightly shoved Kyuhyun away and smiled at him.

"Later Kyu." Those were the last of his words before he slipped back into the building leaving a semi-hard and shell shocked Kyuhyun standing outside.
Tags: !fanfiction, group: super junior, pairing: henry x ryeowook, pairing: kibum x kyuhyun, pairing: kyuhyun x eunhyuk, pairing: kyuhyun x zhou mi
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