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[FIC] Gravity

Title: Gravity
Author: sbluesnow
Pairing: Eunhyuk/MC
Rating: PG-13
Warning: Themes slavery and sex
Words: 831 words
Summary: Like the Earth's force pulling you back down to the ground. The ground, the Earth, the dirt. Once a slave you can never get out. You're being pulled down, down and down. Are you now below dirt or higher than the Heavens?
A/N: The MC can be anyone you want really. The name isn't mentioned.

The sun's shining brightly in the sky. It's humid outside without a single breeze. Standing under the sun, holding an umbrella over the Master's head was tiring. Eunhyuk wanted nothing more than to go back inside where there was air conditioning. When he got a chance to put the umbrella down, he was so happy. His arm was aching and he was burning in his suit. His happiness was short lived though. He stood by the pool with the umbrella over his head and an assortment of towels and robe in the other. The Master had decided to take a dip in the cold pool. He could do nothing but watch and make sure nothing happens to the Master.

He doesn't say that the Master is his. He doesn't want to die nor be subjected to difficult and painful tasks. Being a slave, you follow the Master's orders, no questions asked.

He's glad he's not like some of the other slaves in the mansion. Some are work in the kitchen and if one thing is out of place, they get beaten for it. Some work in the garden and if they use too much water to water the plants, they get drenched. They're to stand out in the sun all day to dry and watch over the garden with their hands outstretched to the side like a scarecrow. Those are light punishments to first offenders.

Those working closer to the Master don't get warnings. They're handed right over to the Head Butler of the mansion. He personally makes sure you receive the proper punishment you deserve for your crime and each punishment is tailored to your personality and characteristics. The best and worst way to get you to repent your sins.

Eunhyuk is the Master's personal slave but not sex slave. He's glad for that. He knows who the sex slaves in this mansion are. Everyone knows and no one says anything. Sex slaves don't get special treatment. The most they do in the mansion is light work and are used when the Master needs them. Some pity them while others pity themselves.

Once the Master emerges from the water and starts to climb the ladder, Eunhyuk is immediately at the Master's side. The umbrella covering the Master as he gets out of the pool and the other hand offering the robe and towels to him. His eyes are downcast through the entire exchange. No one dares to look at the Master right in the eye. It's your death wish if you do.

Eunhyuk follows the Master around the pool until they're at the outdoors seating area. He closes the umbrella as they enter the covered seating area and stands behind the Master. When the Master pulls at his hand, he doesn't jump or utter a word. He knows better. He's seen the consequences. He gets pushed into sitting in the corner of the comfy white couch. His head is still down and he doesn't know what the Master wants.

Suddenly, he sees a glimpse of the black hair of the Master's head in his lap and he snaps his head up, looking forward. His body is tensed and he doesn't dare move a muscle when he feels the couch dip with the weight of the Master lying down, using his lap as a pillow. Eunhyuk's right hand is hanging over the edge of the couch, not daring to rest his arm near the Master's head. His left hand is still in the Master's hands. He can feel the Master lace his fingers through Eunhyuk's and when he feels the Master squeeze his hand, he doesn't do anything.

He hasn't been trained for this. He's never been this close to the Master before. By now, the Master is hurting his hand from squeezing him so hard and he squeezes back, hoping the Master will let go. The Master stops squeezing his hand but that's it. His hand rests on top of the Master's hand on the Master's stomach. He can feel the steady rhythm of the Master's breathing. He's been taught to know that the Master is going to take a nap right now. The Master lying down means he's going to take a nap.

Eunhyuk continues to look straight and not move. He can feel the warmth from the Master's hand and the burning stare at his face. He doesn't look down. He's gone through the training to not look at the Master. He doesn't want to get caught and be put through the same intensive training again. It hurts too much.

He's proud of himself for not failing. He's proud of himself for not panicking. He's proud of himself for staying calm. He's very proud of himself for not thinking about any of these questionable actions.

He is after all just a slave.

A slave that is on a leash.

A slave that has been trained.

A slave that doesn't think for himself.

A slave that knows better than to fall in love with the Master.
Tags: !fanfiction, character: eunhyuk, group: super junior
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