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[FIC] Bang!

Title: Bang!
Author: sbluesnow
Characters: Kyuhyun, implied!Kibum x Changmin
Rating: PG-13
Warning: Mentions of guns and death
Words: 378 words
Summary: Like Romeo and Juliette, they're enemies. Unlike Romeo and Juliette, not everyone dies. To take over everything, to destroy the enemy, and to become the best of the best is the mission. Failing is not an option. Not even at the world's downfall. A/N: Kinda randomly wrote this. So I'm sorry if it doesn't make sense.

Life is complicated enough as is, why create more drama?

Maybe in another life time, things will be simpler.

Maybe in another life time, they can be something.

Maybe in another life time, they wouldn't be staring each other down like right now.

"We meet again." One man said.

"Did you really think our paths wouldn't cross once again?" The other retorted back.

Two pairs of eyes starred each other down. Bodies standing stiff and arms out in front of them, a gun pointing at one another.

Both knew that there were other eyes in the area but neither really cared. Today is when it ends. Literally. There will no more be a 'them' or possibly for a 'them'.

Two men. One dead. One alive.

Or both dead.

They both will never live to see each other again. Not even if it's the world's downfall. They both can't be alive. Not in this life time.

"What are you waiting for Mr. Shim?"

"No one Mr. Kim."

Both knew it was asked 'what' not 'who'. They both know it's over. No more holding on and hoping for a change of heart. Time to not let go but to pierce each other in the heart. First one wins.

Cho Kyuhyun, a third witness watched and listened to the exchanged words. Was it really just words? It saddened him to see this. To see his friend going through this. He knew in seconds he would hear the deafening bang and smell gun powder in the air. In a blink of an eye, he did.

Later, when asked what happened, he said "The enemy is dead".

The boss merely smirked and celebrated. He took his cue to leave the room and left.

Who died doesn't matter. Not to anyone who doesn't care, like the boss. Those who care are very few and fewer than before. He himself and the two pointing their gun at each other.

No one asks who survives. No one asks who died. No one asks who wins. No one asks who loses. Even if he's asked, he isn't willing to tell. How can it be a win when one kills their soul mate? How can it be a loss when one never had the other as their own?
Tags: !fanfiction, character: kyuhyun, group: dbsk, group: super junior, pairing: kibum x changmin
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