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[FIC] Cute little nerd.

Title: Cute little nerd.
Author: sbluesnow
Pairing: Kyuhyun/Ryeowook, Ryeowook/Henry
Rating: PG
Summary: The clothes can make a person.
A/N: Wrote this after randomly noticing Ryeowook's shirt for Super Junior M Version B pic.

Lines of blues, greens, yellows all swirl and create angles on every surface possible. They're everywhere but no one seems to be able to see them except for one person who only sees then when a certain hyung is around. It's possible to say that Cho Kyuhyun sees stars and rainbows when this certain hyung comes within distance to him. He literally sees stars just like today, on the shirt Ryeowook is wearing. He doesn't know why or how but suddenly the lame black glasses on Ryeowook (given to wear for the shoot) looks not so bad on him. Granted he'd look so much better without them but Kyuhyun just couldn't look away. The cute innocent little nerd in the class that's too quiet and shy to stand up to the school's favourite. (Kyuhyun doesn't see himself as the bully, though he does have his mischievous moments. Nor does he see himself as the casanova because clearly, Eunhyuk has that down. He even has a cape to show for it.) They aren't in school but if they were, it's what their roles would be. He wonders what it'd be like if he were to walk over and compliment his hyung. He wonders what it'd be like to see Ryeowook shocked by the random comment and blush slightly before looking away and slapping his arm playfully. He wonders what it'd be like to whisk him away for a little "alone" time one on one.

He wonders but can't do anything about it as he's pulled aside to do his solo shots. He's glad for the sunglasses. He can see Ryeowook chatting to Henry and giggling like a bunch of high school girls in the corner of the studio. He keeps his expression cool but his eyes are burning a certain Canadian boy down. He knows Henry can feel his stare. The slight tremor, the little jolt running up and down his spine, making the boy turn around the studio as if searching for the pair of eyes was more than enough for him to know.

Right now, they're busy but once back at their apartment; he'll mark what's his.
Tags: !fanfiction, group: super junior, pairing: henry x ryeowook, pairing: kyuhyun x ryeowook
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