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Title: IWCYSOTDWWY (if-we-catch-you-sleeping-outside-the-dorm-we-water-you)
Author: sbluesnow
Characters: Heechul, Shindong, Donghae, Eunhyuk, Ryeowook
Summary: SuJu's water prank's newest victim has gone down.
A/N: I just fail okay. Period. Dedicated to renichifreak for the prompt.

So everyone knows of the game that's going on within Super Junior. The contestants, Kim Heechul, Shin Donghee aka Shindong, Lee Donghae and Lee Hyukjae aka Eunhyuk. The game is if any of them fall asleep outside of their home and is caught, they get the beautiful method of being splashed with water to wake up. It's fair game.

Two down, two more to go. Donghae was first and then it was Shindong. The first time was a close call but he got caught.

Now, right this second the perfect opportunity is here.

They were filming outside. Were.

The PD had called for a lunch break. Everyone's up and about getting food or whatever. Except for one member of Super Junior who so carelessly fell asleep. Points for finding a secluded spot to nap but did he really think he could escape the hands of his hyungs?

The others smirk at his their naive member lounging on the chair, just soaking up the sun. It was actually Ryeowook's idea to postpone waking him up. When asked why, all he said was that it'd hurt much more later and that it'd be funnier. The others didn't object to their eternal magnae of course. If Ryeowook wanted, he could outsmart them all, so they trusted him on this.

It's close to two hours later and Ryeowook gave his approval. The others marched up quietly and poured a bucket of ice water with ice cubes and all over their sleeping member.

The anchovy woke with a start, screaming from the cold and the ice cubes sticking to his skin and the pain. He literally hopped up from the lounge chair and was flailing his arms (a lot like Yesung).

The others laughed hard and were clutching their stomachs, faces close to the ground, almost dying on the floor laughing. The camera was lucky to not have crashed to the floor already.

Eunhyuk was close to tears trying to peel the ice cubes off, only scratch that idea, to try to keep them on and rub them all over his chest. His arms were still the same color more or less. His chest was a bright sunburnt red. It was painful to the touch but the ice cubes helped a little.

He's sure that the fans would love to see this. He knows for a fact that he'll never be able to get Heechul hyung to not upload the video and have the others tweet about this. His only hope is for revenge. Heechul is going down!

First he must enlist the person who was the cause of his pain in the first place: Ryeowook. Heechul won't know what hit him.
Tags: !fanfiction, character: donghae, character: eunhyuk, character: heechul, character: ryeowook, character: shindong, group: super junior
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