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[FIC] Dangerous

Title: Dangerous
Author: km_kaba
Pairing: Changmin/Yunho
Summary: Darkness consumes the unexpected.
A/N: Something I've had on my computer for a long long time.

The apartment is too quiet. Even with half the people not present, there isn't a single sound being made. The night is young with the moon out of sight and streets empty. The tree branches are forever changing. One second they're swaying and moving so hard, it looks like they'll hit the apartment windows. The next second, they softly swishing back and forth, as if chatting amongst each other.

"Are you scared of the dark?" A whisper breathes down his neck.

He pushes the body away and glares at the younger but slightly taller man.

"Who would have thought that the all mightly leader of Dong Bang Shin Ki, U-Know Yunho is scared of the dark."

"Don't talk nonsense Changmin-ah." Yunho schooled his face to not let any emotion appear.

Changmin chuckles and holds the candle a little too close in Yunho's personal space. "Oh really?" Changmin asks, taking on a challenging tone.


In a blink, everything becomes engulfed by the darkness. Yunho could feel where the warm breath hit against his cheek. Before his eyes even had a chance to adjust to the sudden darkness, left behind from the blown out candle, the light appears again in front of Changmin. Their faces centimetres apart and Changmin smirks.


Yunho flinches but says nothing.

Changmin hands his hyung the candle and walks away, laughing his head off. Of course not without saying his last words. "When your light's gone, what will do you then U-Know Yunho?"
Tags: !fanfiction, group: dbsk, pairing: changmin x yunho
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