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[FIC] tweezers

Title: Tweezers
Author: km_kaba
Prompt #: 1. TVXQ – Jaejoong/Yunho – Tweezers
Written for joeun_kkoom Drabble War Challenge back in 2010 (?)...something like that.

"What are you doing?"

"What does it look like?" Jaejoong sarcastically remarked, not bothering to pause to answer their rather dense leader at the moment. He moved closer to the mirror and fingers delicately plucking away.

Yunho just stared on with amazement. He really didn't think Jaejoong could be any more feminine but here he is, proving him wrong.

"And here I thought you couldn't be more of a girl."

Jaejoong stopped and turned around, glaring at Yunho. He gave Yunho a look over, eyes trailing up and down the toned body. Scoffing, he turned away and gave his full attention back to the mirror. "You weren't complaining last night." he smirked.

Yunho visibly blinked and took the higher road. He walked away and let Jaejoong continue plucking his eyebrows to whatever shaped he wanted it to be. Arguing, well it was really talking, to Jaejoong always ended with sexual innuendos. He should have known better and left the matter alone no matter how bizarre it is to see Jaejoong shape his eyebrows like it was the most normal thing in the world.
Tags: group: dbsk, pairing: yunho x jaejoong
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