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[Fic] Leave and Live 2

Title: Leave and Live
Author: sbluesnow
Main: Archive
Group(s): Super Junior+M
Pairing(s): Yesung x Kibum
Chapter(s): 2/2
Summary: The doors are locked. There is no key. Forever locked.


Kibum's POV

Standing on the other side of the door, you're pounding on it and commanding him to open it and let you in. You raise your voice at him. You yell and shout at him to open up. You angrily wipe the tears that are falling. You remember it all. The good memories and the bad. The love and the hate. The kisses and the punches. Remember it all.

You're not this weak without him. You love him. You've done so many wrong things but you want to fix this. To continue the love and show him your love. You remember every single memory of him and you together. You remember everything that you shared and said to each other. The 'I love you' and the 'I hate you'.

"It all means nothing now. We aren't together anymore. We aren't anything anymore. It means nothing. Our love is nothing but the past. I have to forget it all. I'm not your Yesung. I'm my own. Leave Kibum. Please. Make this easier for me. Stop barricading my mind, soul and body. Leave me and let me live."

You stop pounding. You don't say anything more. You slide to the floor and lean against the door. You sit there and wait until he's let down his defences. Until you hear him cry then you let the tears fall freely and let them fall. You muffle your voice by covering your hand.

You cry over Kim Jongwoon. The man whose heart you stole. And loved it and abused it and killed it.


A/N: Nothing. The End.
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Tags: !fanfiction, group: super junior, pairing: kibum x yesung
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