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Sapphire Blue Snow Fan-Fiction
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This Community was made by Me (sbluesnow), for all my fanworks
Sapphire Blue Snow
This community serves the general fanbase of the Super Junior and DBSK fandom. This community hosts mostly Yaoi fanworks. Respect is required. Any and all works submitted to this community are fiction and are shared for entertainment purposes only.
Respect. Flaming of any kind will not be tolerated. sblue_snow has a zero tolerance to haters. If you do not respect the community rules, you will be warned. If you repeat-offend you will be banned
Plagarism. Don't steal my work and submit it as your own anywhere. It's rude and annoying. Don't post my works anywhere else unless you ask for my permission and I let you.
This community contains locked adult material. Most posts containing R & NC-17 rated material will be locked to the community.
Organization. All entries are tagged accordingly by what the post is (!fanfiction, !modpost, !request, etc), Pairing(s), and Group(s).

About me
Julie, seventeen. 13 November, Scorpio. Perfectionist. Sardonicism.
Love me, hate me, I don't care. Bash about the fandom that I like and I'll ban you.
My favorite number one fandom is Super Junior.
Super Junior + M = L.O.V.E.
If you come here to bash about Only13 then I will give you a warning and let you off. If you continue to bash I will ban you from the community.
All time second favorite would be Dong Bang Shin Ki. (DBSK/DBSG/TVXQ/TVfXQ/THSK)
I tend to write more Super Junior fanfiction then DBSK. I find it easier to write about the 15 of them then the 5.
What belongs here
01. Fanfictions
02. Graphics